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LoginShare is the name of the system and API in Kayako's solutions that enables staff and user authentication against a separate system. This is done using an API.

With LoginShare you can integrate your Kayako product with your existing Intranet, LDAP (Active Directory) or any third party applications. Single sign-on enables centralized management of staff and user accounts from one single source. If you already have backend systems and user databases available, this enables you to let your users dive right in, without registering another account.

Additionally, you can also make use of any advanced authentication methods or procedures that Kayako does not explicitly facilitate, because the authorization process is offloaded.

LoginShare authentication

  1. The user fills in a login form
  2. Kayako sends the username, password, interface used (user's interface, staff control panel, etc) and the user's IP address as a  POST (HTTP)@Wikipedia to the LoginShare script
  3. The LoginShare script replies with an XML packet
  4. If a user is successfully authenticated and the account doesn't exist in Kayako, it is created based on the details received in XML response
  5. If a user is successfully authenticated and a matching account already exists in Kayako, the account is updated with the details received in the XML response

LoginShare differences between Kayako 3 and Kayako 4

Unlike Kayako 3 which made use of individual LoginShare PHP files, Kayako 4 makes use of remote URL authentication. This gives you the benefit of keeping your authentication system offloaded from Kayako, meaning you can use or create an authentication routine on your own platform, using your choice of code and database, etc.

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  1. Unknown User (

    Is there any way to prevent the loginshare from overwriting the data that users change in the system?

  2. Unknown User (

    Where can i download this API?