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  • __swift
    • cache: A volatile file cache store. Contains cached templates, javascript files, xml files etc.
    • config: This directory contains the default config file, template, language files etc.
    • files: The files directory is used to store non volatile data like attachments, profile images etc.
    • geoip: The GeoIP directory contains the CSV GeoIP database files.
    • includes: This directory contains all procedural code files.
    • library: The library directory is used to store all the publicly accessible PHP Classes.
    • locale: This directory stores the PHP based locale strings.
    • logs: The log directory contains all the log files created by SWIFT.
    • apps: This directory contains the pre-built apps. Example: core, base etc.
    • models: This directory contains all base model classes.
    • onsite: This directory is used to store the OnSite viewer files
    • javascript: This directory consists of all javascript files.
    • themes: The themes directory contains the client support center and admin/staff interface images and stylesheets.
    • thirdparty: This directory is used to store all third party code.