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  <staff id="..." firstname="..." lastname="..." fullname="..." username="..." designation="..." email="..." mobilenumber="..." lastvisit="..." timezone="..." departments="..." avatarurl="..." />

Node name




None; attributes contain all data

id: The unique numeric identifier of this staff user
firstname: This staff user's first name (e.g. 'Thomas')
lastname: This staff user's last name (e.g. 'Paine')
fullname: This staff user's full name (e.g. 'Thomas Paine')
username: This staff user's user name on the helpdesk (e.g. 'tpaine')
designation: This staff user's title or position within your organization (e.g. 'Vice President')
email: This staff user's e-mail address
mobilenumber: This staff user's mobile telephone number, without symbols or spaces (e.g. '12085551212')
lastvisit: Unix time stamp of this staff user's last login to the helpdesk
timezone: The PHP timezone that this staff user has set in their settings
departments: A comma-delimited list of unique department identifiers that this staff user has permission to access.