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Ticket filters allow you to quickly access and sort through your tickets across all departments by setting a variety of filter criteria. Filters can be created publicly or privately. A private ticket filter is only accessible by the staff user who created it, meaning that staff members can create and manage their own ticket filters. A public ticket filter is accessible to all staff users.

When created, a ticket filter will appear in the Filters drop down menu provided on the tickets navigation menu bar. When a filter is executed (clicked on), a ticket listing of all tickets that match the filter's criteria will be displayed.

An example ticket filter is shown below. It has been created to display all tickets that have been set to the status “In Progress” that have a “Critical” priority

View and manage ticket filters

In order to view and manage the ticket filters, click Manage under Filters tab on the tickets navigation menu bar.

You will be presented with a list of all the current ticket filter rules present within the support desk system.

Inserting a ticket filter

In order to insert a new ticket filter in the support desk, click New, and you will be directed to the page where you need to provide the information regarding the new filter you are inserting.

Filter Title

This is the name with which this filter rule will be inserted. The name should always be relevant to the nature of the rule you are inserting, although it entirely depends on your preference.

Filter availability

Select from the following two options:

  • Public: If selected, the filter will be accessible to both the creator and all other staff users as well.
  • Private: If selected, the filter will be accessible only to the creator and will be hidden from other staff users.

Restrict to specific staff team

You can restrict the visibility of this filter to a specified team by selecting the team from the drop down menu.

Criteria matching type

Select from the following two options:

  • Match All (AND): Only tickets that match all of the criteria you have set will be listed when this filter is executed.
  • Match Any (OR): Only tickets that match any of the criteria you have set will be listed when this filter is executed - if you have set three criteria and a ticket matches one of them, the ticket will still be listed.

Insert Criteria

Insert the required criteria for which you wish to list the tickets when this rule is executed. You can insert multiple criteria.

Click Insert once you have specified all the required options, to save the newly create ticket filter in the support desk system.

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  1. Unknown User (

    Filters do not work particularly well.  Even very simple filters to see only tickets of a particular status will only show a few tickets rather than all tickets with the desired statuses.

  2. Unknown User (terrym)

    I am interested in setting up a filter where I can find all the tickets I have been involved with? I mean I have ever replied to BUT don't find a way to? I will appreciate if someone can help me sort it out.


    1. 'Full Name: contains: staff_name' criteria should work. You would also want to increase value of 'Search Results Limit' settings under Ticket settings in Admin interface to list all associated tickets.

  3. Unknown User (terrym)

    How can I setup a Ticket Filter for something like

    Last Replier Doesn't Contain any Active Staff Member


  4. Unknown User (terrym)

    This is the worst Forum of a Serious product like this, I have ever come across .. shame on its organizers :(

    1. Sorry for the rather late reply from our end. Wiki is primarily for documentation. For discussion and queries, you can join our forums at: