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  1. Unknown User (fimcdxb)

    If development team can possibly think to integrate free messengers login into our kayako system it can be really a big help.

    Our research suggests that when companies have free IM's like we have on hotmail, yahoo, gmail and facebook customer come more to chat with us rather then visiting our site and then clicking on live chat.

    So if their is an option where if we loggin to our free IM directly through live chat under admin control it can help provide much more better services to our customers.

    For reference please see program Pidgin which is a universal IM loggin.

  2. Unknown User (fimcdxb)

    Their is one another suggestion that I have felt very useful in promoting your Live Chat. Please provide option to admin for adding Live Chat desk working time. Many times visitors leaves a message without knowing that from what time to what time or working days in a week Live Chat professionals are available. If we have this option then we can add this to live chat hence visitor can come back on site during those time to have better interaction.

  3. Unknown User (fimcdxb)

    In your previous version their was a very good feature where we were able to see how many tickets already the person chating with us has raised in our ticket system. This feature has been made now lengthy to search and I know that we can go and search always in box provided but when system use to give alert it use to be easy.

    When we have 1600+ daily emails to sort and use CRM system like Kayako every click and process counts in terms of time = cost of manpower.