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Custom Fields are used to gather additional information from the clients. Kayako allows the use of custom fields to collect and display custom data, such as ticket creation, user registeration, billing entries, contacts, tasks, appointments and more. A number of different field types can be used, including radio buttons, check boxes, list boxes and text areas. Special custom fields can be created to accept input in proprietary formats through HTML. 

Custom fields allow the collection and maintenance of vital information without the need to reprogram or modifying the support desk. Fields can be arranged by group, validated with regular expressions and have extensive permission settings available. All of the teamworking areas (task list, contact, calender and appointment objects) support custom fields. Custom fields are a powerful way to enforce constraints on or validate data entry using the required field flag or validating input using regular expressions.

Custom fields are sorted into groups, which act very much like categories. When creating a group, you must specify for where the custom fields are intended (such as at user registration, ticket creation and so on). After creating the group, custom fields can then be added to the group.


Custom field usage examples

This section details example uses of each group type of custom field (that is, where the field is intended for – such as at user registration, or ticket creation).

  • At staff control panel, while creating a new ticket.

The following snapshot shows the custom fields data in the staff control panel as seen by the staff users from the staff control panel

  • At user ticket creation in the client support interface

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