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Upgrade Notes

For a full guide to updating your helpdesk, see Upgrading your helpdesk.

Backup before upgrading

Remember to backup your data before performing an upgrade.

Additional required upgrade steps:

Check for template updates

You will need to check for templates which need reverting. Your helpdesk may not function correctly if you do not restore your templates that are marked as Upgrade Revert Required. You can search for them in the Administrator Control Panel, under Templates.

Change Log



  • SWIFT-2280 - API - PHP notices when fetching empty ticket custom fields
  • SWIFT-2303 - Security fix
  • SWIFT-2306 - Security fix

Advanced Change Log

Changed files (between 4.40.954 and 4.40.986)

  • __modules/tickets/api/class.Controller_TicketCustomField.php
  • __swift/modules/base/api/class.Controller_CustomField.php
  • __modules/knowledgebase/library/UnifiedSearch/class.SWIFT_UnifiedSearch_knowledgebase.php
  • __modules/livechat/library/UnifiedSearch/class.SWIFT_UnifiedSearch_livechat.php
  • __modules/news/library/UnifiedSearch/class.SWIFT_UnifiedSearch_news.php
  • __modules/parser/library/UnifiedSearch/class.SWIFT_UnifiedSearch_parser.php
  • __modules/reports/library/UnifiedSearch/class.SWIFT_UnifiedSearch_reports.php
  • __modules/tickets/library/UnifiedSearch/class.SWIFT_UnifiedSearch_tickets.php
  • __modules/troubleshooter/library/UnifiedSearch/class.SWIFT_UnifiedSearch_troubleshooter.php
  • __swift/includes/functions.php
  • __swift/library/UserInterface/class.SWIFT_UserInterfaceControlPanel.php
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