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We have created Kayako REST API libraries for a variety of different platforms, making interfacing your applications with Kayako quicker and easier.


Project Link


Report issues

Officially Maintained



PHP API Library


FreeBSD License

.NET (C#)

.NET API Library


FreeBSD License


Python API Library


FreeBSD License


Ruby API Library


FreeBSD License


Java API Library


FreeBSD License


We welcome contributions. Kayako's open source projects, including these libraries, can be found on - feel free to fork, branch and send us a pull request.

Reporting issues

These API libraries are officially maintained, which means if you find a problem with the functionality of the libraries themselves, we will fix it. Please submit a support ticket to report an issue to us.

Using the libraries

While we will maintain these open source libraries, if you need help using the Kayako API, we recommend posting on the community forums - assistance with developing and integrating the libraries into your own applications is not something our support team is able to assist with.

Open Source

Kayako's API libraries are open source, released under the popular FreeBSD License. This license allows "redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification".

This means that you can integrate the API libraries (and essentially do whatever you want with them) within your own closed-source applications without any unexpected licensing issues arising. If you do redistribute, just make sure you include a copy of the license. The FreeBSD license is GPL-compatible

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