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Kayako helpdesk solutions are built on top of Kayako SWIFT, our own PHP software framework.

We developed SWIFT with developers and extendability in mind. SWIFT allows you to rapidly extend and modify your core helpdesk's functionality, and even build applications on top of your helpdesk.

We call it Helpdesk as a Platform

Build on top of your helpdesk

The helpdesk is central to many businesses and departments. Kayako SWIFT lets you build rich and deeply integrated apps on top of your helpdesk and quickly. You can also use SWIFT to modify the core functionality of the helpdesk where code customizations are necessary.

Kayako SWIFT provides various functionality you would expect from a web-oriented software framework; from user, authentication and session management to a templating system. All the tools you need to build quickly with flexibility and achieve great results. 

Where to start



Kayako SWIFT concepts and building blocks

SWIFT Building Blocks

This article explains the best way to extend your helpdesk for various scenarios

Best Way to Extend SWIFT

Coding guidelines and reference guides

Developers' Guide

A close look at the inner workings of Kayako SWIFT

SWIFT In Detail

An introduction and guide on using hooks (plugins) to modify helpdesk functionality

Hooks (Plugins)

How to work with and build new modules (apps) on top of your helpdesk


Creating a module walk-through

Creating your first Kayako App

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