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Kayako Forge is a free project hosting service for Kayako apps, addons and customizations. For developers it offers full project tracking, file hosting and source code management. For customers it is a one-stop destination for browsing community and vendor released apps and plugins.

About is a manually curated list of third-party apps and addons. We list apps which have been around for a while and from trusted developers and vendors (i.e. are active within the Kayako community/there's people clearly using the app). Before asking us to list your app here, we suggest publishing it on (see below) and/or sharing it on the community forums


Kayako Forge can support the simplest of projects (like a single language pack) as well as the most complex (where you might need source code hosting using SVN or Git and bug tracking). When you create a project, you'll be asked to select the features you need. For example, if you're uploading a language pack, you may only need 'File' management.

Kayako does not guarantee or verify any submissions to Kayako Forge. Please only install applications from trusted sources.

Getting Started

Creating a project

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your email address and password.
  3. Click Create Project.
  4. Configure your project features and properties. Note that when selecting a 'Source Code Manager (SCM)', you cannot change this later down the line. If you don't need SCM, leave it as default. We recommend selecting only the project features you think you'll need to keep things simple for your users.

Publishing your downloadable package 

?After creating your project, you can now upload the package you would like to distribute to users. Once you do this, a Download button will appear on your project, like the one pictured.

Create a new version

  1. Open your project page. 
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Versions.
  4. Add a new version.
  5. If it is one you are publishing immediately (ie the 'current' version of your package, like 1.0), set the Status to closed. If you do not do not publish a closed version, your download button will not appear.
  6. Save.

Upload a file

  1. Open your project page.
  2. Click on Files.
  3. Add a new file.
  4. Select the version you added above.
  5. Save.

Licensing and Ownership

Anything you upload to Kayako Forge is yours to license. We make no ownership or responsibility claims on content, media and applications uploaded to Kayako Forge.

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