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The Kayako Developer Network is a central hub of all the developer resources, software kits and technical documentation for Kayako helpdesk products. The information and developer community here will help you extend, customize and build on top of your helpdesk. 

Here is an overview of what's available:


You can interact with your Kayako helpdesk using the Kayako REST API - an easy to use API that lets you connect your helpdesk to other applications and internal systems. Collect data from various sources and bring it into the helpdesk, or pull helpdesk data into your own applications.

The REST API is a full data API. It uses an API key and secret to authenticate to the helpdesk. Using these, a connecting application has access to all your helpdesk's data.

View the Kayako REST API.

Kayako REST API Libraries and SDKs

To help you interface your own applications and systems with the Kayako REST API, we have put together API libraries for various platform flavors. The libraries are open source and officially maintained.

View the REST API Libraries and SDKs

Kayako Staff API

The Kayako Staff API lets developers build rich applications to connect to and manage the helpdesk. It is currently used to support the Kayako Mobile applications.

The Staff API uses staff user accounts to authenticate to the helpdesk. This means it respects staff, team and department permissions, unlike the Kayako REST API.

View the Kayako Staff API.

Kayako SWIFT PHP Framework

Kayako's helpdesk solutions are built on top of SWIFT, our own software framework written in PHP. We developed SWIFT with developers and extensibility in mind - it allows you to rapidly extend and modify your core helpdesk's functionality, and even build applications on top of your helpdesk. We call it Helpdesk as a Platform.

Find out more about the Kayako SWIFT Framework.

Kayako App Protocols

We develop various supporting applications for our helpdesk solutions. Whenever we do, we open up the protocols used to run them so that our customers and third party developers can build alternative clients, too.

View the Kayako App Protocols.

LoginShare (Remote Authentication API)

Every Kayako helpdesk can be connected to a remote authentication service using a very simple API called LoginShare. Rather than using Kayako's own authentication systems, you can redirect authentication requests to an external script or application that implements the LoginShare API and provide a seamless, single-login experience to your customers and agents.

Find out more about LoginShare.

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