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Few changes are requried in our software phrases related to 'Alerts'


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      While checking some settings today, I noticed that in v4, there are some phrases/settings in Admin CP, where we are still using 'Alerts' word. This should be replaced with 'Notifications'. Here are some examples:

      1. In Mail Parser rules under 'Actions' tab, there are 2 issues:

      • 'Alerts' to be replaced with 'Notifications'
      • Remove 'SMS Alerts' part from there, as we no longer have this feature available (as of now)

      Please refer to the attached snap shot for details..

      2. Admin CP > Settings > Tickets :

      • HTML Conversion (Rendering and Staff Alerts)
        Choose how HTML content should be treated when displaying tickets in the web interface and when sending staff alerts.
      • Allow staff users to reply to ticket alerts directly from their email clients.


      Further update on this by Ryan:

      -------------------- SNIP ---------------------

      The word "alerts" is used everywhere:

      C:\Users\Ryan\Code\swift\trunk__swift\locale\en-us\staff.php(177): 'desc_staffemail' => 'The staff user\'s email address. All alerts sent to this user will be sent to this address.',
      C:\Users\Ryan\Code\swift\trunk__swift\locale\en-us\staff.php(182): 'desc_staffmobilenumber' => 'If this staff user is to receive SMS alerts, enter their mobile phone number. Note: Enter only the telephone number without spaces, dashes or other symbols.<br/>Example: <i>\'18005551212\'</i> ',
      C:\Users\Ryan\Code\swift\trunk__swift\locale\en-us\staff_dashboard.php(43): 'desc_staffmobilenumber' => 'If you wish to receive SMS alerts, enter your mobile telephone number.<br/><i>Note: Enter only your telephone number without spaces, dashes or other symbols.<br/>Example: \'18005551212\'</i> ',
      C:\Users\Ryan\Code\swift\trunk__swift\locale\en-us\staff_dashboard.php(52): 'enablepmalerts' => 'Enable Private Message Email Alerts',
      C:\Users\Ryan\Code\swift\trunk__swift\locale\en-us\staff_dashboard.php(53): 'enablepmjsalerts' => 'Enable Private Message JavaScript Alerts',
      C:\Users\Ryan\Code\swift\trunk__swift\locale\en-us\staff_dashboard.php(54): 'desc_enablepmalerts' => 'Select whether or not you wish to receive email alerts when a private message is sent to you.',

      for example.

      -------------------- SNIP ---------------------


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